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"Transforming, Equipping, and Empowering Lives"

Our Response during these challenging times

December 1, 2022

Greetings Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

In June of 2021, our ministry reinstated monthly gatherings as a church family, but continued following CDC recommendations.  We are currently worshipping together on the second and forth Sundays monthly while maintaining an online presence through Zoom, Facebook Live, and our website; all of which makes up our
E-Church.  In New York City the masses have returned comfortably to many social activities without the burden of certain mandates, yet we encourage our attendees to wear quality face coverings, wash/sanitize hands upon entering the church building, and sit at a reasonable distance unless your with others from the same household.

COVID-19 is still a reality that's terribly effecting many people.  Therefore, our response to anyone who may have been exposed or is experiencing COVID-19 or Flu-like symptoms should not attend any in-person services or events until they are cleared by a physician. It is our desire to responsibly conduct our fellowships in a manner where everyone's safety is a top priority even if ultimately suspending an in-person event is decided by our senior minister. 

Overall, we want to remind you of the faithfulness of God even during these pivotal and uncertain times.

We encourage you to keep the prayer altars open in your homes and promote family worship time. Prayer should always be the first order of the day in the believer's life.

Officially, we are no longer on a designated Pause. However, we should not forsake the opportunity to:

•Slow down Access, Evaluate, and Realign our personal walk with the Lord.
•Commit to or recommit to times of daily prayer individually and as a family
•Call and check in on friends and family members near and far.
•Establish a routine for supporting your mental and emotional health.

As citizens of God's Kingdom, we should be the first examples of responsible citizens of the earth.  Please continue doing your part in practicing habitual sanitary measures protecting yourself and your family.  We trust and know God to be the true Source of our lives and preservation.  Yet, we will not behave presumptuously, but wisely as we live by faith in the world.      Beth-Rapha Ministries International, Inc. takes this time to salute and honor our First Responders and Essential Personnel who, without their dedication and commitment to serving our communities, we would not have been able to progress as we have.

Let us continue to keep covered in prayer:

•The leaders and people of the Church worldwide.
•Government officials, medical and Healthcare professionals first responders and essential workers
•The families grieving the loss of loved ones
•Those who are recovering with the symptoms of CoVID 19
•Those who are sick and/or hospitalized

As a reminder, we are convening our fellowships on our Zoom campus. Sunday morning worship and other special events can be attended on Facebook Live.  Please email your prayer request to PRAYER@BRHH.ORG
or Text: (929) 242-9673.

Reverend Varrett John Kennedy, Senior Minister